• Dangerous Ideas – The Book

    Dangerous Ideas is a bestselling book on creativity for people who do not like books on creativity. Written by Alf Rehn and translated to eight languages (including Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Italian), it challenges the overly positive manner in which creativity is often presented and argues for a broader understanding of the phenomenon – including paying attention to disgusting, childish and unseemly things. For only by daring to push far beyond the realm of the serious and the proper can you truly challenge a business, a system, or yourself.
  • The Author: Alf Rehn

    Alf Rehn is a professor of management and organization, an internationally active speaker and strategic adviser, and a popular culture fiend. His research focuses on varied topics, including moralization, ideology and critique, innovation, accidents, haute cuisine, entrepreneurship, and rap lyrics. He is a devoted fan of Ethel Merman, gin-based drinks, Patsy Cline, and coffee (although not necessarily in this order). Visit him online at www.alfrehn.com
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    Alf has recently bought back the English-language rights to the manuscript and has now revised the book in order to publish it as a free Kindle and .epub ebook. You can download it here:


    Dangerous Ideas, the Kindle-version

    Dangerous Ideas, the epub-version


    Alf would appreciate if you were to recommend it and spread the word – but no pressure.

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